Lonaflex is a known brand in the global friction materials aftermarket for more than two decades. Its products are asbestos-free and commercialized in several countries of Latin America, Europe, United Arab Emirates, Africa and Oceania. The company has a modern Research and Development Center that enable it to develop high-performance products. It is also ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO TS 16949 certified. Lonaflex has a constant concern for assuring the quality of all its processes, therefore it makes high investments on technology.


Brake Pads and Linings
for Heavy Vehicles

Equip freight or passenger vehicles such as: trailers, semi-trailers, trucks, buses, etc.

Brake Pads and Linings
for Light Vehicles

To equip passenger cars and SUVs.

Molded and Woven
Brake Linings

They are designed for industrial brakes that run dry or that require a curved breakage surface as traveling cranes, winches, oil well drills, mining equipment and elevators.
Besides industrial applications, the molded linings are also used in automobile brakes.

Clutch Facings

Woven clutch facings: to equip automotive vehicles, such as passenger cars, vans, SUVs, buses, trucks and tractors. Specific facings for vehicles that operate in extra heavy services - HD (Heavy Duty quality) are also offered.

Universal Flat Sheets

They are used in industrial brakes of machines and equipment to transport loads which require flat braking roads.